Keep Your Cool – The Ultimate Guide to Effective Temperature Control in Refrigerated Transport


NavMan Keeping CoolTransporting temperature sensitive goods can be a very demanding task. We often hear how the cold chain needs to synchronise more than ever to improve the efficiency of maintaining product at the correct temperature whilst meeting exacting delivery schedules. This requires a combination of science, process and technology and the stakes are high. Billions of pounds of produce is spoiled each year and the challenge increases with the ever demanding fast-paced, short-lived perishable supply chains in which products can flow from source to customers within a matter of weeks, days, and sometimes hours.

Why controlling temperature in transport presents a challenge to fleet managers. Fleet managers in the cold chain face their own set of issues. Ensuring product temperature during transport is one of their biggest challenges. Keeping perishable products at the precise temperature, from warehouse to truck to final destination, is critical. If the temperature in a trailer drops even a few degrees, product can deteriorate quickly, costing companies thousands of pounds. Furthermore, customers are increasingly demanding proof of cold chain integrity to ensure that the perishable products they receive have been cared for correctly during every step of the supply chain. To compound the situation; handling temperature-sensitive, perishable freight makes dealing with regulations even more challenging.

Refrigerated fleets of all sizes can now improve temperature control and simultaneously drive down operating costs.
It can be a major headache for the cold chain, which is exactly why NavMan Wireless decided to produce Keep Your Cool, their new independent guide to effective temperature control in refrigerated vehicles. The guide outlines the general concepts of transport refrigeration systems plus current legislative requirements and also explores ways in which temperature monitoring systems can be used in practice to help improve temperature control and simultaneously drive down operating costs.

Maurice Young Consulting were delighted to help Navman Wireless in the compilation of this guide.