Working closely with the Food Storage and Distribution Federation (FSDF) Maurice Young Consulting has developed a range of training and skills solutions specifically for the temperature controlled logistics industry.

Based on National Occupational Standards the FSDF Food Logistics Training and Skills Pathway delivers graduated vocational training, contextualised to the individual needs of businesses with warehousing and distribution operations across the food supply chain.  Qualifications currently available include:

*       Intermediate and Higher Apprenticeships in Food Logistics Operations

*       Warehouse and Storage Skills – QCF Levels 2 & 3

*       Traffic Office – QCF Levels 2 & 3

The Pathway Qualification programmes can deliver real long term benefit to your organisation and offer a genuine potential to increase the commercial and operational performance of your business through improved knowledge, skills and competence throughout your team.

Maurice Young is currently the FSDF’s Pathway Programme Manager and a member of the Federation’s Training and Education Committee.