The key services offered by Maurice Young Consulting can be summarised as follows:

  • Developing the Business Case for New Supply Chain Initiatives, Logistics Strategies and Development Projects
  • Financial Planning, Preparing Investment Proposals and Operational Budgets
  • Design, Specification, Fire Management and Construction of Logistics Operations including Insulated Envelopes for Temperature Controlled Environments
  • Materials Handling Systems including Automation
  • Operational Benchmarking and Process Mapping
  • Auditing Warehouse Performance, and Implementing Continuous Improvement Programmes
  • Strategic Project Management Planning
  • Risk Assessments, Monitoring Working Practices and Auditing Safety Procedures in Logistics Operations
  • Legal Compliance of Ammonia Refrigeration Plant Installations
  • Energy Efficiency Monitoring and Initiatives for Temperature Controlled Facilities
  • Strategic use of IT/IS within Logistics
  • Recruitment and Training Programmes for Key Operational Personnel
  • Risk Management and Contingency Planning
  • Providing Expert Witness Reports and Opinion