Acknowledged Expert


The principal of Maurice Young Consulting is an acknowledged expert within his field, and has actively served for more than 30 years on the Technical and Safety Committee of the Food Storage (formerly Cold Storage) and Distribution Federation (FSDF).  He is also a Director of the FSDF and has represented the Federation on other technical committees and industry working groups both in the UK and Europe.  He has also published extensively on key aspects regarding the design, construction, specification and fire management of insulated envelopes for temperature controlled environments and the legal compliance of ammonia refrigeration plants.

Within these fields of expertise Maurice Young Consulting acts on behalf of employers, their professional advisors, main contractors or specialist contractors to provide specialist advice and assistance in the solution of both design and specification and, on-site construction problems. In addition, we have also been retained to act as expert witness or to provide expert opinion regarding a particular dispute or contractual claim.

Key service offerings include:

*       Resolution of Design and Specification Issues

*       Resolution of On-site Construction Problems

*       Wide Practical Experience of ‘Frost Heave’

*       Due Diligence Surveys etc.

*       Providing Expert Opinion Reports

*       Acting as Expert Witness